Gary Tyler

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Free Gary Tyler!

To:  Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana; Larry Clark, Chairman of the Louisiana Board of Pardons; Leonard “Pop” Hataway, Clement Lafleur, Henry “Tank” Powell and Kenneth Jones, members of the Louisiana Board of Pardons

We, the undersigned, believe that Gary Tyler was convicted in 1975 not by facts, but by racism, vengeance and manufactured evidence. Denied a fair trial 32 years ago, imprisoned for life for a crime he did not commit, we call on you to free Gary Tyler now.

Contact Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana here.

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Keith McLoughlin Drogheda Ireland
Wonderful news, so happy for gary.
Keith McLoughlin Drogheda Ireland
Wonderful news, so happy for gary.
Keith McLoughlin Drogheda Ireland
Wonderful news, so happy for gary.
Tracy Pourfar Plano TX
Jim Logan Glasgow Scotland
I am delighted to announce, after 41 yrs of false and unconstitutional imprisonment, Gary Tyler has walked free from Angola Prison in Louisiana. He is now 57 years old.
Robin Campbell UB40.
Jim Logan Glasgow Scotland
I am delighted to announce, after 41 yrs of false and unconstitutional imprisonment, Gary Tyler has walked free from Angola Prison in Louisiana. He is now 57 years old.
Robin Campbell UB40.
Dartanyan Winston Redford Michigan
Hopefully Obama chooses him for the Presidential Pardon!!
Susan Ryan Chichester West sussex
Free Gary tyler
Peter Taylor REYNELLA South Australia
If justice is to be served than this man should be free.
Lin Kaatz Chary Norfolk VA
I have been aware of Gary's false conviction since the time it happened in 1975 when I was active in the fight for justice for him. That he is still in jail after all these years, when it has been proven that he is and was always innocent, that he never received a fair trial, that he was a victim of the most vicious racism and that there was never one bit of evidence in this case is shameful beyond belief. How can any state official of Louisiana justify this for one second? It boggles the mind. Gary Tyler must be freed now because you will never be able to give him back the life you have stolen from him,and you have allowed the real murderer of that young boy to get away with two heinous crimes that day in 1975 and it doesn't seem to bother any of you.
Nigel Mills Chicago Illinois
Time to step out of the dark ages. Free Gary Tyler NOW. How can you have faith in the justice system when this has to stop!
Neil Thompson Liverpool UK
"It's been nearly 5 years..."
Well now it's 40 YEARS!!!
Mark Goldsmith London England
So much about the process which convicted Gary Tyler shames the State of Lousiana. It it time to put this injustice right and free Gary Tyler.
Patricia Dixson Modesto Ca
I am originally from Louisiana and a graduate of Destrehan High School. I just have one question. If there was no proof that this man did this then how could he have been convicted? This sounds so racial to me. I pray that God gives every liar in this case what they deserve if he did not do so already.
Greg Carrington Saint Louis France
Please Free Gary Tyler.
Greg Carrington Saint Louis France
Please Free Mr Tyler. I do not and will never believe he was guilty, but even if he was, he was a terrified 16 year old child at the time of the offense and has suffered enough. Many self confessed murderers (including killers of women, children, and police officers) have been released after much shorter stays in prison.
Alderaine Blair Houma Louisiana
Free Gary!!!!!!!
Lonnie Booker Indianapolis Indiana
Mr. Tyler didn't commit no crime at all and he should be a free man. Mr. Tyler will continue to hold on and be strong and soon to become as a free man.
Norma Hurst Austin Texas
Elizabeth Denlinger New York NY
Gary Tyler has already been deprived of most of his life on false charges. Let him go!
Alexander Downie Galera Granada
angela braun almelo netherlands
please free gary tyler!
angela braun almelo netherlands
please free Gary Tyler!He didnt do it!And even if he did, this is inhumane.40 years is far too long!
He was a child.His life is already ruined.please free him.
Sheila Cronshaw Warrington UK
US justice system bow your head in shame. It's a total injustice.
Vicki Binet Melbourne AUSTRALIA
Louisiana is a place I have visited several times. I love the rich culture, the people, the natural beauty of the place. I am deeply saddened to learn that Gary Tyler is STILL incarcerated for a crime there is no evidence for. Please reopen his case. Please give him decent legal aid. Louisiana is better than this.
Alex Ryan Burton on Trent England United Kingdom
Pierre Guillen Langueux France
Free Gary Now. How can Louisiana still keep him in jail ? That is such a shame.
Runako Gamba Sunset Louisiana
Certainly a miscarriage of justice. This man should have been freed a long time ago and he should have never received the death penalty in the first place. FREE GARY TYLER!
Patrick Murray Austin Texas
Its time to free this man.
David McNally Toronto Ontario
Alden Dougan Springfield Missouri
There is no reason to ignore this any longer.
Nico Geerts Antwerp Belgium
Just Free The Man, Please !!!!
Robert Monroe, Jr. Schenectady New York
Edgar Buckels St. Louis Missouri
Sad his trial was ruled "fundamentally unfair" and in this time and age it's still remains unchanged.
Larry Wartels Victoria BC
Is this Democracy Now! report accurate?
Thank you,
Larry Wartels
Emily Nelson Sarasota Fl
Free this man! This is unjust.
Graham Cosby London England
I cannot believe that after nearly 40 years that Gary Tyler is still incarcerated. It's disgraceful that a man loses his freedom for a murder that he didn't commit. This has been proved beyond doubt that Gary Tyler was framed by the police and witnesses ' bullied ' into giving testomy .I think it's time that Gary Tyler was released as he has no case to answer . Hey. But what's another black man ....... !!!!!!!
Kimball Cariou Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
I first learned about the Gary Tyler case in 1975, when I was a university student in Alberta. It is unbelievable to me that this man is still in jail, considering that he was convicted after a patently unjust trial. He must be released immediately!
Lidia Kula Sydney NSW
People should never be imprisoned for crimes they did not commit. He should be freed immediately with a pardon. Just put yourself in his shoes and perhaps you will understand better. You have a chance to do something good in your life, do it, don't hesitate any moment, he suffered enough for nothing.
monique delatour efland nc
unbelievable that Gary Tyler is still locked up. Such an unjustified and despicable act by the authorities.
robert bandl d?sseldorf germany
my english is very poor, so i don`t understand everything , but i do uderstand that you doing somthing wrong . robert bandl
Annemiek Roos Blokker Netherlands
This is onbeleavable, in times like this that this is possibble. In a 'modern' country like America these kind of things should not be happening.
susanne thiem hamburg germany
Let Gary be free!!!
Ryan Greenspoon Miami Florida
The political corruption and persecution of minorities in the U.S. must come to an end and should have upon Gary's imprisonment.
Jade Harrison Atherstone Warwickshire
Sure I signed this a few years ago and can't believe he's still locked up! Get your act together and release this man Ms Blanco!
LOUISE YOUNG DesAllemands Louisiana
Ahriel Daigs Destrehan La
Sandra Kuijer Amsterdam Netherlands
i feel ashamed to be part of a world in which these matters still continue.
Jean-Francois Corette London England
Malcolm Anderson Ibbenb?ren NRW
I was a teenager when Gary was convicted (I can't believe he's still inside).I hope the governor can do the right thing and free him at last.Malcolm
Isaac Thomas Pensacola Florida
This man blood must not be required on your hands, he has done no harm, his only crime is being borne black in America,this injustice must stop.Jesus our lard and savior is coming back!
Erik Roos Blokker Netherlands
Set Gary Tyler free ! ! !
Mitch Mitchell Lincolnshire England
Angelique Van kuijk Swifterbant Netherlands
Song of Ub40 said enough
renate van kuijk dronten netherlands
hilary peters invergordon ross-shire
Arnold van Kuijk Dronten Flevoland, The Netherlands
You can make a difference, please do.
Meg Glenn Redcliffe Queensland, Australia
I think he has served enough years.
steven ellis west yorkshire uk
free gary tyler,for something he did not do
Gary Tyler Chicago IL.
Do the right thing free Mr. Gary Tyler. The so-called justict system as always being unjust to black men!
Helmut L?ers Berlin Germany
I was waken up by a song from Chumbawamba: my name is gary tyler. this song made me sad and I wanted to know more about gary?s issue. I realized the pure injustice which he was and is still facing. The USA the land of the hope, the land of the free shouldn?t accept such racial motivated sentences. Gary I hope you are okay and awaiting you coming release.
rob ettey manchester england
he should have been released years ago..shame on you.
Amir Kusmic Handen SE Sweden
This is a justice murder. Free Gary Tyler!
Arthur Merriweather Clawson Michigan
Enough is enough.
Liz Moore Heywood, Lancs England
This is dusgusting! this was a miscarriage of justice when there was alot of racial hatred!
this man got stitched up well and truly! HE IS INNOCENT!!! FREE GARY TYLER NOW!!!!
Matt Connery Brookline Ma
Free Gary Tyler! It's time for this racially motivated jailing to come to an end! It is long overdue!
Peter Groen Zuid Scharwoude NH the netherlands
roy joshua sacramento ca
with liberty and justice for all
victoria hartley leeds england
his spirit is strong but for those who convicted him are week.FREE GARY TYLER
Nichole Renae Destrehan LA
I did a report on integration in St. Charles Parish in 2008 when I was a senior in high school. This was a big part of my research, and I hope he can come and have some freedom. Given the times that this event took place, it should be understood that the trial was unfair. Imprisoned for life at such a young age is extremely harsh. Please let him go!
Fe'Dricka Moore Marrero LA - Louisiana
Reopen this case and free this innocent man...please!
Eddie Milton Daventry Northants
When is somebody with a backbone going to do the right thing. Anyone and everyone that has the power to change this and doesn't must shoulder the blame for this injustice. Seems Louisiana is hot, but not quite hot enough to burn a man's conscience eh?
Ian Bursill Loughborough Leicestershire
Free Gary Tyler. An innocent man wrongly convicted.
Aaron Hice Pomona Ca
Free Gary Tyler.
Amber Lauer Baton Rouge LA
Iain Courtnety Paisley Scotland
Come on this state is a joke the guy should be free with compensation and the rest off his days with his family FREE GARY TYLER NOW
Suzanne Ravenhall Fareham England
This case needs an urgent review.
Phil Hambling Basildon England
I first heard the story of Gary Tyler when I was 11 years old and the band UB40 wrote a record about him. I can't believe that the self-appointed "beacon of the free world" has allowed this miscarriage of justice to go on for so long, it's an absolute disgrace. FREE GARY TYLER NOW!
Alix BARBEY Aix-en-Provence France
Mike Boylan Dublin Ireland
Please release Gary Tyler. Even if you personally believe he was guilty then he has by now already served his time.
Please don't let this man die in prison.
Tony Green Paisley Scotland
Please free this innocent man!
Rob Mckenzie Stratford On Avon Warwickshire
A lifetime in prison with no real evidence to convict shame on them!!!
andy parks brighton sussex
obma please help
Sarah Kerr London England UK
EL Simmonds Dorset England
The state of Louisiana know that Gary Tylers conviction is bogus. The whole affair has been based on his race. For this farce to carry on for 40 long years shows that Louisiana are still a state that carry recial discrimination. This is the saddest fact. Governor after governor haave come and gone and still not settled this injustice. How this is allowed to happen, in a country that pride themselves on being 'the land of the free' is appalling. We ask that the state of Louisiana grant a pardon for Gary Tyler, and take into account the 30 odd years he has served in prison, and set him free. Regardless of race everyone is entitled to justice.
Alex Dullforce Granville Ohio
Free him already! What the hell is going on down there?
Duke teriitetoofa honolulu hawaii
To whom has the power to release this man, but dont. I feel sorry for them... When the tables are turned you shall feel this mans pain...
Katja Bensalem Utrecht Netherlands
Rick Quintanilla Wilmington CA
Free the Innocent.
caroline friel dunfermline Scotland
It`s 2012 move on and free Gary Tyler from a non racist mother from Scotland UK.
mike friel dunfermline fife
It amazes me that South Africa can free Nelson Mandela yet , the most powerful man on the planet earth cant free Gary Tyler. Mr president pull your head out of the sand and do something right for the good of the world.
kirat singh edmonton Canada
Dear Governor,
Please don't uphold injustice. It is in your power to right the wrongs of the past.
If the UK can admit the errors of injustice in relation to findings of the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6 etc from the 1970s, surely the USA could follow suit. Make a name for yourself by doing what is right. Free Gary Tyler before it is too late
Gerrit Carter Swakopmund erongo
Time to do it right
richard toner deltona fl
I read about Gary Tyler. I also lived in the panhandle of Florida during that time period. my question is how many other people are imprisoned for crimes that they didn't do. I have been before a judge before and watched people lie and tell the truth all at the same time. it can be done with no problem.
Amar Beepath Toronto Canada
Gordon Littlejohn Redditch Worcs
At least right to wrong that has been done 40 years ago, Dont just go along with
Lynda Martinez` lOUISVILLE ky
Witold Fendrych Krakow Poland
Paul Buddery Brighton East Sussex
Sentenced for a crime he didnt comit its time the Us court system admitted this mistake and freed Gary Tyler
Niamh Quinn Dublin Dublin
Liberate Mr. Tyler