2 thoughts on “Gil Scott-Heron: Angola, Lousiana

  1. What a great and prophetic song by Gil Scott Heron. Thank you Gil Scott Heron for keeping Gary Tyler’s case alive in the minds and consciousness of people all over the World. I am so glad that Gary Tyler was released from prison. I thank Gary Tyler’s attorneys for the great job that they did to get Gary Tyler released from prison. I hope that more Political Prisoners, and Prisoners of War will be released in the future. Thank you for posting this great song by Gil Scott Heron.

  2. What an awesome tribute on Gary Tyler’s behalf. Gil Scott Heron thank you so much for taking the time to bring attention to this travesty and also to any others unjustly sitting in Angola State Penitentiary. Blessings to Gary Tyler for you are now free but must still have the word conviction be a part of your history. I pray to God that the true murderer will be revealed and then justice will truly be served.

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